Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Picture Perfect Tuesday

Another shot from Italy.  I never saw a child with this woman, or the man that was with her. I spoil my dog, but this is a bit much.
PS.  Quinny Strollers are quite pricey.


  1. Puleeeze! You and I both know that my Yorkie and your next dog (most likely a poodle or Pomeranian or something) will be cradled in a nice stoller (or puppy-proofed purse) as we hit the town shopping. Oh yes, it WILL happen. I'm just biding my time. *steeples fingers ominously*

  2. That's funny! Once, I saw an older woman strolling her kitty around in a screen covered stroller.

  3. Shannon- After I realized she had no children, I couldn't stop laughing.

    Courtney- NO Poodles (no offense to poodles, but no) and I'll pass on the Pom. I could own a Yorkie though. My next will be a shelter pup (Of course, there will be no need for a next since Ursa will live forever). But with you biding your time and all I might not want to disappoint. - However, under no circumstance am I buying a several hundred dollar stroller.

    Theresa- WOW. I think I did stroller around a cat once, but I was a child.