Monday, April 19, 2010

It appears that I am always a bit preoccupied

The Census Bureau called the Friday before last and asked if I could begin training early and I, of course, said yes. Training was long, easy, but long. I ended up working a 37 hour week in 4 days. Also, I am now trained in fingerprinting. Job skill? I’ll go with it. While the training started last week, I still don’t know when I’ll actually start work. Also, we (the trainees) kept getting varying answers on how long the job will last. O well, I'm getting a paycheck.


I did manage to go to a lecture by E. O. Wilson last Wednesday. To name a few of his titles; he is a sociobiologist, naturalist, theorist, and author. He lived much of his childhood in my hometown of Mobile, AL and earned his B.S. and M.S. from The University of Alabama (my Alma mater) and his PhD from Harvard. Among many other awards, he has won the Pulitzer Prize for Non-Fiction twice. Also, he has written a novel titled Anthill.

My favorite quote: “You can remember it best by thinking of us as being a Star Wars civilization: We have Stone Age emotions, medieval institutions and God-like technology. That's the source of all of our problems.”

I don’t necessarily agree with all of his beliefs, but he is a very interesting man with interesting views.


It’s so amazing watching my nephew grow and reach new developmental milestones. He is so amazing! I brought him with me to UU this weekend and it was great watching him interact with the other children.


I find out about Teach for America today! I’m feeling the nerves, but whatever will be will be! At least I applied and have had this experience.


  1. I love that Wilson quote! It's so true. won my 100 Followers contest so e-mail me at and we can talk prizes!

  2. Margaret- Hurray! Thanks for having the contest!
    Shannon - Isn't it a great quote! As soon as he said it I was caught. I've been told it is in one of his books, but I haven't found it yet.